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Tapan Parikh

Born on the 15th of August (Indian Independence Day), Tapan Parikh is a Gujju, with a Bengali name, born in Chennai, brought up in Mumbai, studied in Manipal, and a Punjabi at heart. Cricket and Bollywood run in his veins. The image is self explanatory.

He is a Mechatronics Engineer from MIT, who has worked as an Analyst at Nomura. He quit his corporate job to pursue his Raison d'être, his 'Ikigai', his Swadharma. Now he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Youth Empowerment & Philosophy, and is also an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher. #RYT200

He has mentored Manipal's 'Blitzkrieg Dance Crew', which represented India in Hip-Hop International at Vegas and has given several acclaimed and award winning performances in theater and dance across India. He has also acted in the promo video of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth


Tapan has traveled the length and breadth of the country and has conducted over 600 workshops in over 90 institutes, for over 13000 participants from diverse backgrounds... the numbers keep increasing everyday.

However, beyond these tangible numbers, lies a subtle, sometimes intangible Impact - of touching hearts, of spreading smiles, and of Self empowerment. 

His goal is to build a stress free world and is on a mission to touch maximum number of lives through Yoga, Vedanta and Dance.

"One may just be a drop in the ocean...

But every drop can create a ripple"

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