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Introduction to Yoga - Guidebook


  • Brief History of Yoga

  • Yoga Today

  • 10 Step Magic Formula

  • DIY Yoga Sequence | Mix and Match from the Asana Bank

  • Photographic illustrations

  • Breakdown of each asana right from its Etymology, Benefits, Precautions & Contraindications to Expert Tips.

  • QR Codes leading to Video demonstrations

  • Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

  • Dhyana (Meditation)

  • Sukshma Vyaayaam (Subtle Yoga for Relaxation)

Swami Swatmananda
National Director - All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra

Yoga is integration of the Body, Mind and Intellect to ultimately discover our oneness with the Supreme Self. It’s one of the best gifts of Bhaarat to the world. Its not limited to Asana and Pranayama but a holistic way of life. Bhagavad Gita says, “Dexterity in action is yoga. Equanimity of the mind is Yoga” Transcending duality and thought is yoga. Its a divorce from our wedlock to sorrow.
This new book on Yoga is being launched by Tapan to make it easier to learn and practice yoga in its holistic form. May it inspire us to become true Yogis and may Yoga lead us to peace, happiness and fulfilment. I congratulate Tapan on his new initiative YoVeDa. Through Yoga, Vedanta and Dance may the lifestyle and mindset of people transform positively. May we rise within and without as individuals, as a country and make the world a peaceful place. Jai Hind.

Dr. Isha Sharma
Opthalmology Resident - New Delhi

Tapan Parikh has put his heart and soul into the publishing of this book.
Each and every word written and asana  performed is something he completely believes in and diligently follows.
Besides, the pictures are of great help in understanding how to perform the asanas.
Yoga is the real key to a healthy and a happy life.
A thorough reading of the book and meticulous practice of the asanas mentioned will bring about the physical and mental balance that you are seeking in life.

S. Aravind Raghavan
PhD Scholar - IIT Bombay

When there are multitudes of books available on Yoga, why should one read this one? This book has some very unique aspects which are very different from the others. For starters, it covers a wholesome aspect of Yoga looking at philosophical implications and not just the physical part of Yoga. The book is most suited for those who want to start practicing Yoga at a beginner level as it gives out all the steps right from the preparation. It will also appeal to those who have already started practicing yoga and would like to take it to the next level.
The third most unique aspect of the book is the QR codes which gives us videos of Yoga trainer Tapan Parikh, who is also the author of the book, actually demonstrating the asanas so that we can understand clearly and follow it.
All in all, it is definitely a unique book and highly recommended for those who want to start practicing Yoga on a regular basis!

Zin Shruti Limaye

Zumba & Pilates Instructor

Introduction to Yoga is a book I recommend it to people who want to start with yoga. How simple exercise or forms of meditation can also bring some changes in our human body which will help us in achieving our goals . This book can be a first step towards a new lifestyle . It's a simple to understand and very well written book.

Kunal Seth
Data Insights Manager, Adobe
Seattle, USA.

This book is a treat for readers who are trying to seek physical and mental solace in their lives. Often we neglect our well being in trying to make a living and this book will definitely help you add the ‘well’ back to the ‘living’. A must read, you’ll not be disappointed!

Mrs. Rekha Bajaj
Teacher Training Coordinator
 Podar International School

I have gone through the exciting Yoga book. It is a wonderfully presented book combining the ancient Yogic wisdom with technology for the modern tech savvy people.
The QR codes given in the book takes a reader directly to the videos which makes the book highly interactive and user friendly.
I wish Tapan Parikh all the best to make it to the Best sellers.

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