Communication between Hearts,
is through Music & *Dance*.

~ Communication between Minds & Intellects,

is through Words. *Vedanta*

~ And Soul to Soul communication,

is Silence. *Yoga*

We marry Movement with Stillness, East with West, and Past with Future,
All wrapped up as *The Present*

Through a series of workshops expertly designed for specific age groups - Kids, Youth, Adults, Corporates, Senior Citizens...
Unfold-Unwind-Discover! :)


 services offered

We conduct regular classes across Mumbai so that we can stay in touch all around the year.
Every milestone in our fitness journey takes time, effort and most importantly, MOTIVATION! 
All you need is a weekly dose of Yoveda! 



Meet The Team

Tapan Parikh

Director & Trainer

Engineer by qualification, International Yoga Teacher by profession and a Dancer by passion. He's been blessed with a powerful teaching voice and can build an instant connect with all audiences. Amiable, courageous, witty and eloquent, Tapan is on a mission to make Yoga cool and make the entire world Shake-That-Asana!

Elena Sophia Löffler

Nutrition Expert

Hails from Germany, currently studying in The Netherlands.
Food. Yoga. Culture - are her 3 biggest passions. While her profession is dedicated the business of food, she also loves to dance, play, travel and pick up foreign languages for fun. Tapan's TTC batchmate, Elena's dream is to open a Café where everybody is welcome, where all her passions combine.

Nikhilesh Kapadia
Design Head

A travel enthusiast and budding animator, Nikhilesh is someone who has journeyed the furthest corners of India in search of inspiration, always taking the road less travelled. He aims to inspire millions through the spellbinding magic he spins visually in every medium books to videos.

Santoshkumar Pandey

Marketing Head

Engineer by qualification, content & marketing expert by profession. Meditate, bibliophile & a creative geek, Pandey ji is known for his insightful decision making. Be it the next marketing strategy or the next move on the chess board; for him, it's always Game On!



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